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Use Old Jewelry Anew

At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we are concerned about eco-consciousness. That’s why we use diamond alternatives, like moissanite. And we all use recycled materials in our jewelry making.

But there are some actions you can take with your old jewelry to give it a new look. Take a look at these interesting suggestions. And blow the dust off that old jewelry box of yours!

Sell Your Old Jewelry Pieces on EBay or Etsy

You can list old jewelry for sale on eBay as pieces of jewelry, or as jewelry parts that can sell as components to create new pieces. Old jewels are popular sellers among jewelry makers for the parts, so don’t hesitate to add orphan earrings or broken jewelry to the lots.

Etsy is another website where you can sell your jewelry parts or your vintage jewelry. Visit a number of Etsy storefronts to get an idea of what is selling and at what price. To sell your items, you will then need to open up your own “store”.

Donate Your Old Jewelry To CharityUnwanted jewelry can be put to good use by various charities. If a favourite charity of yours is holding an auction, donate your old and unused jewelry so the charity can make a little money. You might even be able to ask for a tax receipt.

Use Jewelry in Unexpected Ways

If your brooches or earrings are missing bits, you can still recycle them as gift toppers and add a bit of bling to perhaps a ho-hum gift. It’s fun and eco-friendly and your recipient is getting two gifts in one.

  • Decorate a picture frame, lampshade, plain box–the options are endless. Practice making a pattern before gluing the jewels to their new home.

  • Dress up pretty bottles with beribboned brooches or earrings. Fill the jars with bath foam and oil for a jewel-charmed gift.

  • If you have old clip-on earrings you will never wear, clip them on as shoe clips to glamorize a pair of plain high heels.

  • Wrap unused gold or silver chain necklace around your wrist several times and wear it as a multi-strand bracelet.

  • Or combine that plain chain with an unused charm bracelet to create an unusual and original combination. If you have single charms in your jewelry box, you can simply slip one or two onto the chain necklace for a fresh look

  • For a stunning new look, slip a few of your unused rings on to a kilt pin (those large safety pins used to hold kilts together) and create a one of a kind brooch instantly.

  • Kilt pins for Rings

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