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The Genesis of Gemesis

(above) A variety of Gemesis cultured diamonds offered at Joseph Schubach Jewelers for custom designed jewelry, where you are the artist

So what is Gemesis and why is it causing such a stir in the market?

Well, let’s explore what Gemesis is not, first:

  • It is not a diamond imitation, like cubic zirconia
  • It is not as expensive as mined diamonds
  • It is not lacking in brilliance, fire or hardness as a mined diamond

Gemesis is a laboratory-grown diamond of exceptional color and clarity. It is considered a “cultured” diamond but a diamond nonetheless.

How does one “grow” a diamond?

With a diamond seed, of course! Seriously. The seed is placed in a carbon-rich environment, heated and pressurized, then begins to grow, molecule by molecule into a beautiful gem.


 A diamond seed (do not try this in your garden!)

Gemesis diamonds can be produced in a myriad of rich, inviting colors such as yellow, pink, blue, green, or even red. In these times, customers are looking for a quality gem and affordable prices. Gemesis offers just that, hence its success.

So what is a “Gemesis cultured diamond”? As the Gemesis Company puts it so aptly:

“Simply put, a Gemesis Cultured Diamond is a diamond.”


Hand engraved pendant with hand applied scrolls and a 3/4ct Gemesis
cultured diamond with fancy yellow or orange color on an 18″ wheat
chain. Pendant measures approx. 8mm in diameter.

Available Metal: 18kt White Gold and Platinum
Available Stone Size: 3/4ct

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