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  • What exactly is a Rose Brilliant Cut?

    There are many different cuts of gemstones; so many that our customers are often left scratching their heads when it comes to choosing a cut that is right for them.

    We’re privileged to be working with The Diamond Foundry (a lab grown diamond company from San Francisco). One of their master cuts is the Rose Brilliant Cut.

    So let’s clarify:

    What is a Rose Cut?

    Considered of one of the original diamond cuts of antique and heirloom jewelry, the rose cut dates as far back as the 1500’s and is considered a precursor to the brilliant cut.

    The stones are cut to resemble a rose (hence the name) by reflecting the narrow, spiral effect of their petals. This means a flat bottom and a larger surface area to truly showcase the stone’s brilliance.

    Historically, by the 1900’s, advanced technology made the brilliant cut popular, leaving the rose cut to fade away…at least for the time being.

    Decades later, Tiffany’s created a popular rose cut solitaire setting, made with an open mount so the light could shine through even more and provide the utmost in dazzle effect. Some innovators added even more sparkle by baking thin layers of gold or silver with the stone, increasing the reflective capabilities.

    Today the rose cut has once again seen a resurgence (everything old is new again afterall) with celebrities like Camilla McConaughey and her breathtaking Cathy Waterman Rose cut engagement ring.

    What is a Brilliant Cut?

    A brilliant is the name of a cut (not of a stone, as often misunderstood). It generally has 57 or 58 facets, which creates maximum reflection of light for the diamond. It is one of the most popular cuts since it provides extreme “dazzle” effect.

    Okay, so what exactly is a Rose Brilliant Cut then?

    The Diamond Foundry’s Rose Brilliant Cut is a modernized version of the Jubilee Cut (aka 20th Century Cut or Jubilant Cut) which was designed for Queen Victoria’s 60th Year of Reign for Diamond Jubilee.

    This unique cut normally has a total of 88 facets (compared to the 58 facets found in round brilliant diamonds). There is no culet which provides an extra glittering effect. Some consider it the brightest cut you can find in a diamond.

    Combining the sparkle power of a brilliant cut diamond with the historically dazzling beauty of the rose cut and Jubilee cut diamond, the rose brilliant cut diamond has a unique optical power of its own.

    But enough of the shop talk. Simply let the video below do the talking!