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It’s Official: Lab Grown Diamonds ARE Diamonds!

In exciting news for our industry, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has officially expanded its definition of “diamond” to include those grown in a laboratory:

“When the commission first used the definition [of diamond] in 1956, there was only one type of diamond product on the market — natural stones mined from the earth. Since then, technological advances have made it possible to create diamonds in a laboratory. These stones have essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. Thus, they are diamonds.”

What does this mean for you, the consumer? This means you can be fully confident in this scientifically proven and legally sound fact:

Laboratory-Grown Diamonds are Diamonds!

According to Scottsdale, AZ custom jewelry store owner Joseph Schubach:

Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in every sense, chemically and optically. Currently, only the large labs such as the GIA and IGI have the equipment to determine whether a diamond is lab grown or mined, so even your local jeweler or gemologist won’t be able to distinguish between the two, except for a microscopic laser engraving identifying the diamond as lab grown.

When it comes to the lab grown versus diamond battle, test yourself and you will see it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. To the naked eye it appears just as, if not even more, brilliant than it’s expensive natural counterpart.

Dare to care by making your next custom jewelry design the perfect home for a lab grown diamond, knowing you’re contributing to a healthier ecology and a truly beautiful (and affordable) piece of jewelry.