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Lab-grown Diamonds Begin to Outperform the”Naturals”

At this point, most of us have heard about moissanite and other alternatives to natural diamonds. But unlike years ago (remember cubic zirconia anyone?), synthetic, or lab grown diamonds are becoming a viable and respectable alternative for a younger, socially conscious demographic. The public is (finally) responding.

This just in from JCK:

It’s holiday time—and the media is talking about diamonds. (Yay, says the industry.) And, in contrast to most years, the stories are positive. (Yay again.) Except it’s lab-grown diamonds. (And now the industry gulps.)

As promised, Pure Grown Diamonds has orchestrated a publicity campaign to educate consumers about its man-made gems. They have been featured on Today. In The New York Times. New York Post. Bustle. Local news in New York and Miami. And via a proposal at the Superdome in New Orleans, witnessed by thousands in the stadium and all those watching at home.

Expect more stories to come. Lab-grown diamonds are an interesting story. They are a new, and as a Scio executive told me, possibly “disruptive” product.

I have long felt that the traditional diamond business underestimates the challenge posed by lab-grown diamonds. Industry executives often scoff: What groom will buy a synthetic for an engagement ring? For a symbol of love, people will want the real thing.

News flash: No company will sell these stones as synthetic. And they will stress that they are, in fact, real. (They are right about that.)

Re: the new millenials:

The millennial generation—the group that is beginning to get married and making its first trip to jewelry counters—is a particularly ripe target for this kind of pitch. They are known to be practical (i.e., frugal), they aspire to be socially conscious, and they are intrigued by technology. Lab-grown diamonds hit all of those notes.

main view of Old European Cut Round Forever Brilliant Moissanite

Old European Cut Round Forever Brilliant Moissanite

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