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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

My fiance and i were young and since we were both teachers we had little money.
I wasn't even sure I'd receive an engagement ring.

But I did and my first thought was, "That's the ugliest ring I ever
saw!"  (I was pretty sure the tiny "diamond" was cubic zirconia and
there were a lot crudely wrought traceries and rosettes around the
stone that gave the ring a certain dime store air).

But of course I didn't voice my feelings.  He looked so sweet and pleased with himself.
He put the ring on my left hand.  When family and friends asked to see it I did my best to respond with pride.

Over the years we built a good marriage and became financially
successful.  My husband presented me with jewelry over the years but I
never took that engagement ring off.  It came to represent our love
story, a small beginning investment that led to many happy dividends
over a long life together.

He's gone now and yes, I still wear that ugly little ring.

Patricia Nieh