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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a huge fan of the Pink
Panther. Peter Sellers was so fantastic in that movie. He made me laugh
so hard. I watched every Pink Panther movie  that came out. But, even
better then his performance was the magnificent Pink Panther. Not the
cartoon character, the diamond. Oh how I dreamt that one day I would
marry someone as rich as Richard Burton and he would buy me a big pink
diamond ring.
In 2006 the new version of the Pink Panther with Steve Martin came out.
I am a huge fan of Steve Martin. Not only is "Roxanne" one of my
favorite movies but I also have read his books. I was so excited to go
see the movie and my husband and I talked about both versions after we
watched the new one. I told him about my dreams of having a big pink
diamond. So, last Christmas, even though money was tight, my husband
bought me a 3 carat pear cut pink sapphire. Even though it was not a
diamond, it was gorgeous!
I couldn't believe that he remembered my childhood dream. Now I have my
very own pink panther. And he is way better than Richard Burton!
Crystal Yaeger