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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

 It may sound corny, but I have always had a special
place in my heart for jewelry.  I consider myself lucky, as I have some
very special pieces, connected with special  times and happy
memories.  When I became engaged to my husband, my in-laws gave me
beautiful diamond earrings as a gift.  My wedding ring, was
actually designed with my husband's grandmother's diamond.  When my
oldest son, was in first grade he purchased a large, gaudy dragon pin for my
Chanukah present at the school store.  I couldn't have loved any gift
more.  It was beautiful, even when the  dragon's glass eyes proceeded
to fall out the next day.  Jewelry  is truly the way to my
     I believe I was about eight years old, when my
Papa Marty took me to a fancy jewelry store in Downtown Detroit.  He
presented me with the most beautiful sterling silver charm bracelet, any girl
could ever want. It  had little hearts between the links. I felt
like a princess that day and the salespeople treated me like royalty. Thus,
also began my grandfather buying me charms for special occasions (
like getting an egg beater charm when I got the girl scout cooking
badge) or buying charms just for fun.  My wrist grew heavy and so does
my heart with memories of this special gift and love for my Papa
Marty.  He has been dead for over forty years, but he charmed my
life.  He was the 'gem' of my life. 
Diane Margolis-Baum