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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

heard the song by George Straight, “Check Yes or No?”  Well this evening as I was sitting in church,
the same pew I’ve sat in since I started coming a few months ago, I noticed a
young lady who’d caught my eye on more than one occasion.  As the service progressed I continued to
periodically glance her way.  Soon it
turned into making a fake stretch or just merely glancing her way.  I couldn’t help myself but be drawn by her attractiveness.  Well, I was so fed up with myself and this
childish play that I had to do something about it.  Thank goodness for the back of church
bulletins.  In my note to her I
introduced myself as a likeable fellow who had goals and dreams, failures and
faults, just like everyone else does.  As
I finished the note I realized I needed her number so maybe, just maybe, if she
called me, we would hit it off.  So, on
the bottom of the note I so childishly wrote, “Would you want to be my friend?
Check yes or no” and left her with my number.

10 months
later I found myself looking to buy us a house and trying to afford a ring for
our engagement.  We’ve all heard third
times a charm and it’s been proven in my life because this is actually the 3rd
marriage for both me and my beautiful fiancé. 
But what makes this one so different and so unique is not the note but
the ring.  Since being engaged and not living
together the nights are difficult and lonely for my fiancé.  So with me absent she needed something to cling
to…this ring.  You see, her past
marriages have been straight from a horror film.  The torment and abused her and her two boys
faced was more than most could bear in their entire life.  But Jennifer is strong.  She is a survivor and her faith in God has
brought her thru many storms.  So, even
with her insecurities being rampant, her fears haunting her, and her slight
brain damage, due to an ex-husband ramming her head into a wall, she has this
ring to hold onto at night.  It serves as
a gentle reminder that this relationship has been brought together by the
Lord’s perfect will and a hope of a better tomorrow.  This ring is more than a stone but a cure.
It’s a medicine that can cure insecurity, doubt, restlessness, and fears.  Her humbleness and appreciation for the ring
is unfathomable compared to what she really deserves. 

I know that
maybe moissanite isn’t the “real thing”, but to Jennifer and me it says more
than that and it gives more than that too. 
It gives hope.  It gives promises
of a better day.  But more so it gives
her something to hold onto while I’m not with her at night.  Diamonds may last forever, but nothing gives
hope like moissanite.     

Brooks Ford