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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

My Special Jewelry Story:
My wonderful husband proposed to me in a very sweet way!
He arranged to have his parents and me meet for dinner at
Our favorite German restaurant. We were seated at our table and I noticed a very pretty floral arrangement in the center of the
Table. There was baby's breath and a few roses. Everyone
Was chatting and I happened to notice that one of the roses
Was actually a velvet rose bud, not fully blossomed! Every
Now and then I would look at other peoples' tables to see if
They had the same kind of floral arrangement at their tables,
But I couldn't really tell because it was crowded and the roses
And baby's breath arrangements were looking all the same.
I kept stealing glances at the velvet rose bud but I didn't say
Anything to my fiance or his parents. After our meal, a little
3-man German band came to our table and played and sang
"Edelweiss", my favorite German song! And then a waitress
Dressed in German clothing came to the table with a gorgeous
Mini 3-layer cake decorated with red roses!! Then my fiance
Plucked the velvet rose from the centerpiece, got out of his
Chair, all the while the band was singing "Edelweiss", and he
Took my hand, opened the velvet rose bud and there was a
Gorgeous diamond engagement ring!!! Then the band finished
Singing and my fiance proprosed to me!!!! Through tear-filled
Eyes and a huge grin, I said "Yes!!"  Everyone in the restaurant
Clapped and cheered!! It was one of the most special moments
In our lives! We recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary! Thank you for this wonderful contest!
Sharon Harmon