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A $30,000 Rhodium And Diamond Ring For Barack Obama’s Wife Michelle????

Yesterday's rumor was that President Elect Barack Obama was buying his wife Michelle a rhodium and diamond ring as a 'thank you' for her support over the past two years. Well, it appears from today's statement this is not true. (See the article here)

We thought it interesting that the ring was made from rhodium, the world's most expensive metal. If you're not familiar with rhodium, it is the substance that most white gold jewelry is plated with to give it the bright white platinum-like color. Rhodium is a very rare metal that as recently as 6 months ago cost $10,000/oz. (Currently, it's trading for under $1,000/oz!). We at Joseph Schubach Jewelers would love to custom make a ring made from rhodium. So, if you're interested in something unusual like this, give us a call!