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Update on the Custom Made Inlay Ring

A few weeks back we posted a progress report on a custom inlay ring we were making (click here to view the post). We’re happy to say we finished this ring and we’re even happier to say that it’s gorgeous, in our humble opinions!

This ring contains 8 semi precious stones specifically cut to fit—plus eight princess cut diamonds weighing 1/2ct in total. The semi precious stones are: salmon coral, green jade, onyx, lapis, tiger eye, 2 different types of turquoise and mother of pearl. The ring has a solid back to give it some extra weight and durability.

We copied a ring that Bruce had that was made from sterling silver, and we’ve included a copy of the original for you to see. We’ve also included the original CAD drawing and the interim step.

Thanks again, Bruce, we are very happy to have helped you with this!!!

(Click on the image of the finished ring for a larger view)

Dennis  Custom-inlay-wedding-band  Custom-inlay-wedding-band-back