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Redesign Jewelry

  • Repurpose your Grandma’s Jewelry

    Confess. Go ahead, you’ll feel better.

    You have a buncle of jewelry that you’ve collected over the years that sits in your jewelry box, lonely and ignored. Perhaps its missing a clasp or needs cleaning. More likely, it’s gone out of style and suited your grandmother’s tastes more than yours.

    Redesigned jewelry is a beautiful way to take that old jewelry into the new millennium. But in order to make it happen, you have to think outside of the box, literally and figuratively.

    Which piece could be easily redesigned?

    What would you like it redesigned into?

    We’ve helped customers turn an old necklace into beautiful new earrings (because the beads were beautiful but the necklace itself, not so much). Others have created entire engagement rings solely consisting of various parts of family-owned jewelry. The result? An engagement ring that contained beautiful aspects of their family’s histories, with a new, creative spin.

    Redesigning jewelry is a simple (and eco-friendly) way of keeping tradition alive and adding a new creative spin that is distinctly you.

    So get diggin’!


  • Rebuilding Prongs For A Larger Center Stone

    “Got the ring!  I love it!  It looks amazing!!!!
    Thanks again!”

    Beth, WOW, I just got my ring, opened the box and OMG! I put it on and it is *stunning*. Happy early Birthday to me! LOL I am so thankful to you and your jeweler. It is exactly what I wanted and what a beauty. I was hoping that the ring was not to large and stand up to high! It is perfect! What a wonderful experience I had with you and your company. It was hard for me to find someone that dealt with Moissanite. I live in a small town in Idaho and asked around many jewelry stores. A couple of stores even tried to talk me into a diamond. I was so discouraged and thought about giving up! I browsed the internet off and on for many months. I inquired at many sites. Then I met you. You made me feel comfortable from the start of the transaction. Without hesitation, you had to see the ring first, which the other companies just quoted me sight unseen. You responded quickly. After a couple of days communicating I decided to go with you and your company. You continued to communicate with me during the process making me feel good about my decision. I can’t stop looking at it! Again, I want to thank you, thank you, thank you! It is exactly what I wanted. It is going to be a “Show Off” piece for some time to come! :)

    G. S.

  • You created my vision to a “T”.


    I received the necklace in perfect condition…..I absolutely love it!!!!!  You created my vision to a “T”.  The stones look so much larger in the setting, and I love the floating chain effect….it makes it lay perfectly.  An exquisite piece I can either dress up or down for any occasion.  Thank you for listening to my likes, keeping it within my budget, and taking the extra time to do this custom piece via internet.

    You’re the best!!!

  • B.M. Ring Remodel

    We added more diamonds down the sides of the shank and up the prongs and added double claw prongs to B.M.’s ring.

  • E.L. Halo Redesign

    Hi Beth,
    I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance in re-designing my ring! I absolutely love it! I have received a lot of compliments, even one person telling me it looks like a $10,000 ring. I can’t thank you and the jeweler enough.

    Your team is great! J
    Thank you,

  • J.J. Ring Remake

    On JJ’s ring, we added a solid back along with new diamonds and a new center stone, retipped the prongs as needed and cleaned/refinished the entire ring.

  • R.H. Ring Redesign

  • What to Do with Old Jewelry

    Sometimes its tough rationalizing buying a new piece of jewelry when you have so many pieces that you don’t wear. Well, there’s a way to allay that buyer’s guilt and do something smart for the planet. And remember, we’re happy to buy your old jewelry and make it into something new and magnificent.

    One gold ring creates at least 20 tons of mine waste, so in an effort to decrease this harmful cycle, here are some unique ways to repurpose and reuse those favorite items instead of buying new.

    • Hand down expensive and sentimental jewelry to your children or grandchildren. At least the items will get some wear and maybe even become a family heirloom.

    • Take your old gold to a jeweler to be melted down and turned into something new. What type of ring, necklace or bracelet have you always wanted? Design a customized gift for yourself or a loved one.

    • Donate jewelry to your favorite organization so it can sell it at one of its auctions. This will not only make you feel good since you will be helping to raise money for a charity, but can also get a tax receipt.

    • Sell your gold and silver jewelry pieces to a reputable dealer. You get some cash and prolong the lives of the pieces.

    • Add small pieces of bracelets and charms to decorate picture frames, lampshades, storage boxes, fan blades, chairs, etc.

    • Place vintage clip-on earrings on shoes, shirts or pants to add some glamour.

    • Create multi-strand bracelets with old gold or silver necklaces, or attach the chains to belts or shirts for a punk-rock look.

    • Give old necklaces a new feel and fresh look with different charms.

    • Slip unused rings onto a large safety pin and design your own brooch.

    • Pin various pieces of jewelry onto a coat, scarf, gloves or hat for some flair.

    • Glue random pieces of jewelry on to a corkboard, kitchen message board, school notebook, vases, flower pots, etc. You can never have too much bling!

    Source: 1-800-RECYCLING

  • Refurbished Jewelry – Everything Old IS New Again

    One of our specialties is redesigning a piece of older jewelry and giving it a new, shiny and upgraded appearance.

    Our jewelry refurbishing process is perfect of those who have a family heirloom that doesn’t quite fit or a broken piece of jewelry…or for those who just have an older piece of jewelry (like Barbara, below) and want an updated look.

    In the Client’s words:

    Dear Joey and Beth:

    I LOVE, LOVE my beautiful new ring. And I thank you both for making it such fun, helping make decisions., etc. You both have a special star in my book!!!

    Hugs, Barb  (and Ed, too)

    In Joe’s Words:

    Using Barb’s existing diamonds, we were able to make a completely new and updated ring! Thanks Barbara, we had a great time, too! Your ring is a knockout!

    Barb’s Original Ring

    Barbara’s New and Improved Ring!
  • The Blazingly Blue Tanzanite Pendant with Azured Back

    This is a great example of custom jewelry redesign, where the client provides the stones and sometimes the metal. In this case, we created a truly dazzling piece that saved the client money and re-used existing material (ecologically sound!)