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Repurpose your Grandma’s Jewelry

Confess. Go ahead, you’ll feel better.

You have a buncle of jewelry that you’ve collected over the years that sits in your jewelry box, lonely and ignored. Perhaps its missing a clasp or needs cleaning. More likely, it’s gone out of style and suited your grandmother’s tastes more than yours.

Redesigned jewelry is a beautiful way to take that old jewelry into the new millennium. But in order to make it happen, you have to think outside of the box, literally and figuratively.

Which piece could be easily redesigned?

What would you like it redesigned into?

We’ve helped customers turn an old necklace into beautiful new earrings (because the beads were beautiful but the necklace itself, not so much). Others have created entire engagement rings solely consisting of various parts of family-owned jewelry. The result? An engagement ring that contained beautiful aspects of their family’s histories, with a new, creative spin.

Redesigning jewelry is a simple (and eco-friendly) way of keeping tradition alive and adding a new creative spin that is distinctly you.

So get diggin’!