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Jewelry Made from Lace

August 25, 2014

The intricacy of lace has always been a spectacular feat of design. It’s not surprising that one enterprising jeweler decided to take it one step further.


082014_Margaret Rose cuff

Monika Knutsson has found the perfect way to combine an antique look with a golden, modern touch with her Gilded Lace collection. After getting her start in fashion, she eventually realized she could use the lace she found in other ways. The designer began dipping the pieces in karat gold, creating a unique look that celebrates the fabric pieces’ past as it brings them into the present.


082014_Pauline cuff

082014_Vickie cuff

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Monika Knutsson has found the perfect way to combine an antique look with a golden, modern touch with her Gilded Lace collection.

After getting her start in fashion, she eventually realized she could use the lace she found in other ways. The designer began dipping the pieces in karat gold, creating a unique look that celebrates the fabric pieces’ past as it brings them into the present.

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A Detailed Look at Face Shape and Earring Choice

August 20, 2014

No one gives more detailed and exacting fashion advice than Marilyn Hellman. Take a few moments to listen to her words of wisdom and choose your earrings accordingly.


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Raw Meat Jewelry? What Will They Think of Next?

August 19, 2014

Trendhunter lead us to this strange new jewelry fad that will have you salivating in no time. That’s right–meat jewelry. (Not to worry. It’s not real meat. Though it looks amazingly like it!)

Wear your love for meat on your wrist or around your neck with these peculiar meat jewelry items. Onch Movement created these outlandish pieces of hyperrealistic meat and turned them into stylishly wearable ornaments.

Raw Meat Jewelry


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Creates Brown Diamond Brooch with Designer Cindy Chao

August 18, 2014

This whimsical and eye-catching piece by actress Sarah Jessica Parker and designer Cindy Chao caught the attention of many A-list jewelry designers and buyers alike at the the Paris Haute Couture Week in July.


Ballerina Butterfly BroochBallerina Butterfly Brooch by Cindy Chao & Sarah Jessica Parker

Spectacular Brown Sparkle

The piece is constructed of 18-karat gold and titanium, and features a jaw-dropping 26.67-carat cushion-cut fancy brown diamond, three rough brown diamond slices totaling 47.71 carats, three conch pearl pieces weighing 7.25 carats, all surrounded by a staggering 4,698 diamonds and fancy colored diamonds weighing 98.09 carats.

According to the International Diamond Exchange, the brooch took two years to make. Rapaport reported that presale estimates indicate the brooch will sell between $750,000 and $950,000. Fittingly, all proceeds from the sale of the “Ballerina Butterfly” will benefit the New York City Ballet, an organization that Parker said is close to her heart.


Jewelry Sales on the Rise for Over Two Years

August 13, 2014

Rising jewelry sales offer a solid indicator of an economy that can finally “breathe” a little again. JCK details how much it has risen and why people are (once again) deciding that jewelry is a smart asset.

Jewelry sales have risen for the last 27 months, thanks to consumers who see jewelry products as a lasting asset, according to retail measurement service SpendingPulse.

The gains have been slow and steady but will likely continue, predicts Sarah Quinlan, senior vice president of market insights for MasterCard Advisors, which produces SpendingPulse.

“It feels permanent to buy jewelry,” she says. “Many people today can’t afford to buy homes. We are seeing new home sales dropping. But we do see discretionary income rising, like spending on restaurants and travel. People want to invest in something that is pleasurable to wear.”

She also says that, after a recession that destroyed value in stocks and bonds, some consider jewelry an item with lasting value.

The group has also seen double-digit jumps in the amount of jewelry purchased online. It estimates online jewelry sales constitute just under 20 percent of the market.

“Following the recession, consumers do not have a lot of time,” Quinlan says. “The consumer physically wants to go to the store, but wants to shop when and where she wants to shop.”

She adds that while gains for small businesses have been generally outpacing gains for larger ones, that isn’t true when the weather is bad, because people are more inclined to shop online.

Her advice for jewelers: Beef up online, and for those that shop with you, “make your store an experience.”


Adding Bling to you Little Black Dress

August 12, 2014

We’ve all heard it before: a well-fitted black dress is a staple to any woman’s wardrobe. This video details the ways that you can pump up that dress with just the right bling. Also learn what every fashionable French woman has in her closet.


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Back to School Jewelry Trends

August 11, 2014

Is it that time of the year already? It can’t be. Summer just started…didn’t it?

Well, let’s not say hello to Fall too early. Instead let’s take a glimpse at what back-to-school jewelry choices and other accessories will be hot this 2014. (Love the fringe bracelets!)



Jewelry trends change every year and according to Vogue, some popular accessories for fall 2014 include single earrings, creole hoops and hand bracelets. Two other upcoming trends are pictured above (from left): Crystal flower necklaces and fringe bracelets.



The squeaking of new shoes against linoleum floors is a staple of back-to-school season and for 2014, flat shoes are in for both high school and college students. As with printed jackets, the number of designs available online are virtually endless. Pictured above (clockwise from top left): Proudly Posh Flat by Mod Cloth, French Bulldog Loafer by Boutique 9 and Tiger Head Running Shoe by Kenzo.



Even though summer is coming to an end, a nice pair of shades can still accent any new school outfit, especially for college students. The options pictured above each range from $50 to $121, including the Sunpockets (left) which can fold up to fit in your purse during class. Pictured above (clockwise from left): Tobago Tortoise by Sunpocket, Halfmoon Magic by Le Specs, Lulu by Komono.





Adding an Intimate Touch to E-commerce Packaging

August 6, 2014

We’ve already started off at a distance, haven’t we? You’re reading my words on a screen. You don’t hear my voice or see the expression on my face. E-commerce retail isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy but the goal of our company is to make it as personal as possible.

We exhibit this by the way we answer our emails, phonecalls, orders and lastly, deliveries.

This Inc. article explains how other big brands are trying to add a kind and human touch, even in a virtual era:

Some brands are fine with that experience featuring the same old brown cardboard box, but that’s not necessarily going to build customer affinity. Impressive packaging can be the differentiator for retailers hoping to stand out from the pack and create loyal brand advocates.Mr. Porter and Ralph Lauren are good examples of retailers that are delivering a premier shipping experience. I believe it’s an investment that will pay off for them, just as it could for others who make a similar investment.

Consistency is key in the online shopping experience, and Mr. Porter has a clearly defined approach to packaging that leaves a positive impression on shoppers. Every order is sent in a cardboard box that has a slick white box inside branded with the “Mr Porter” logo in black. The retailer also pays close attention to package fit. Both the branded white boxes and the exterior cardboard shipping boxes are nearly always right-sized for products.

Ralph Lauren’s packaging is also extremely consistent and always of high quality. Nearly every order receives an identical treatment, proving that high-volume retailers can deliver consistent, seamless branding at scale for online orders.The iconic Ralph Lauren logo is printed in navy inside the lid of the pizza box-style outer container.

The company also attaches a thank-you note to brown wrapping paper with a Ralph Lauren-branded navy sticker. It feels like a gift. It’s special. And at the end of the day, making your customers feel special is what it’s all about. If you’re clever enough to create that experience in a box, customers will come back for more.

What would make your experience with us more personal? How can be think outside of the brown cardboard delivery box? We’d love to hear your input.


More on Layering Necklaces

August 5, 2014

With statement necklaces continuing to trend this Fall, layering necklaces in the right way continues to matter. This video shows you how to layer bigger and more delicate pieces.


YouTube Preview Image

Pearls Gone Wild!

August 4, 2014

Match up two well-known designers, give them the theme of pearls, and watch magic happen!


Ever since Chanel and Dior reimagined pearls with a modern update, what was traditionally your grandma’s hand-me-down has taken on a new life. But how do you ride that fine line between making a cutting-edge statement but still sticking with a a time-honored investment piece? Let’s ask the designer, Ariel Gordon and Shopbop’s fashion director (and total style crush) Elle Strauss.


Ariel Gordon and Shopbop’s Elle Strauss (they’re also good friends)

What’s your advice in buying a pearl piece that’s edgy enough but still an investment piece? So you could hand it down to your granddaughter?
AG: My take on fine jewelry is: Instead of buying the $25 necklace here, the $75 necklace here, the $30 piece here, if you saved up your money for a couple of months, you’d have enough to buy the real thing. And because it’s fine jewelry, it’s going to last you and it’s going to be a piece that you can pass down to your kids.
ES: I think in terms of what sort of piece you choose, I would go with a ring every time.

Elle layered two of the rings that meshed seamlessly in with her wedding band and engagement bling on the same hand. Such a modern classic!

Here’s a closer look at the Ariel Gordon x Shopbop collection:


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