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  • Office Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts

    The office space possesses its own particular rules when it comes to fashion. Many of these rules are dictated clearly (like via a company handbook) but some are unspoken. (Seriously, “Casual Fridays” have been the topic of many a debate.)

    Here are some jewelry wearing pointers we created for the office:

    Choose simple, understated jewelry. Don’t wear jewelry that’s too noisy or distracting. Instead opt for pieces that blend and enhance your outfit well.

    Stud earrings always work. Don’t wear jewelry that dangles too much or makes noise when you move your head. Stud earrings work with just about any outfit any time. Small hoops are another fitting possibility.

    Go for practical jewelry. If you’re on the computer much of the day, moving bracelets are a definite fashion don’t. Forego the bracelet and choose jewelry that won’t interfere with your daily office functions. (A simple watch around the wrist will suffice.)

    For Casual Friday? Wear a crown on your head and a Hawaiian lei around your neck.  (Just kidding!)

    Thank God its Friday!

    Thank God its Friday!



  • T.P. Custom Made Wedding Band

  • How to put on a bracelet with only one hand (it’s possible!)

    Most women have been there before: you’re dressing up for a night on the town and there’s no one to help you clasp your bracelet. And you’re short on time!

    First, you try to squeeze your hand into the bracelet after clasping it…but no luck. You then attempt to put it on yourself and spend precious moments failing at the process.

    Here’s a quick and easy method to putting on your bracelet alone that will get you out the door in time!

  • What is a faceted gem?


    Before investing in a custom engagement ring, we encourage all of our customers to truly understand the terminology first. This provides a more informed decision…and a happier customer.

    So what is a facet? 

    Facets are flat planes seen on most transparent gemstones. These geometrical arrangements contribute to the reflection of light both internally and externally, maximizing the fire and brilliance of the stone.

    Interestingly, gem faceting is a fairly new process. Simple facets first appeared in European jewelry in the late 13th and early 14th century. Prior to that, gemstones were used as cabochons (or “cab” for short). Cabs are stones that are highly polished, generally rounded (or convex on the top) with a flat base.

    Tip: When examining a faceted gem, take some time to look at the junctions (the meeting point of two facets). A well-cut stone will exhibit junctions that are clean, crisp and come together at a single point. These junctions can affect the gem’s overall brilliance.




  • Best Earrings for Various Face Shapes

    Most women don’t consider the shape of their face when they choose earrings. And this is to their detriment! Earrings can lengthen the overall look of a face (not good for longer faces) or widen (definitely not good for round faces).

    Here’s a quick tutorial we found on YouTube that details how you can choose the right earrings for your face shape/


  • How to prevent ear piercing infections

    Ear piercings. For most women, we remember that time-honored experience. Sure, it hurt a bit. But what often hurt more? The infection that many of us had afterwards. Ouch. 

    Here are simple pointers so your next ear piercing heals quickly and completely.

  • Thrift Store Jewelry Scores

    One piece of advice we often give to our customers and customers-to-be: if you’re unsure about a certain type of jewelry, try its costume jewelry equivalent first. The investment is minimal and it can give you a sense of whether you’d like the piece on a daily basis as well as the variety of outfits that will go with it.

    Where better than to find costume jewelry scores? Thrift stores of course! Help your community and try out fun, inexpensive jewelry.

    This woman shares her recent finds.

  • A.B. Oval Padparadsha Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

  • A crucial fashion mistake that YOU may be making

    I have a friend. Let’s call her Janet. Janet used to be overweight. After years of a strict diet and tons of exercise, she looks great and feels even better.

    Yet she still clings to a fashion mistake from years ago: wearing slightly oversized clothes. She’s small in stature so these outfits often make her look like she’s a child dressing up in her mother’s clothes.

    Weight isn’t the only reason we often wear oversized clothes. Body shame in all its various degrees can manifest in the outfits we pick. We’re so sure that Area A or Area B on our bodies is so unacceptable, we feel compelled to hide it.

    The problem (from a fashion standpoint, not a psychological one–we only have so much time afterall): oversized clothes are rarely flattering on any body type.

    No, you don’t have to wear skintight jeans and drastically low cut tops. The takeaway: wear clothes that fit correctly–not undersized and definitely not oversized (except for those few exceptions like an oversized sweater with tights, for example).

    A great example of a well-fitted suit on a man. Most men's suits require the fit to be perfect (not too big or small) in order to look good.

    A great example of a well-fitted suit on a man. Most men’s suits require the fit to be perfect (not too big or small) in order to look exceptionally good. 



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