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  • The Prettiest Heart-Shaped Ring Ever!

    Okay, we’re a bit impartial…but we’re just just crazy about our recent finished piece:  a brand new two tone ring design shown here with a fabulous pink, heart sapphire.

    This ring is perfect for every pink-loving goddess out there who loves to wear her heart on her sleeve (or in this case, on her finger). The two tone metal adds a warm and multi-layered effect giving the ring a certain depth and complexity–completely unique and deeply romantic!


  • J.M. Beth’s Solitaire

  • Why Burnish your Engagement Ring?

    Why burnish your wedding or anniversary band? Well one of the main reasons is the subtle effect it creates, meaning it enhances and doesn’t overpower the “star of the show” (the engagement ring). It also tends to enhance the gems within the wedding or anniversary band, adding an extra sparkle to them.

    So what is the process of burnishing exactly?

    Burnishing is a finishing process that removes the coating on metal and polishes the exposed metal. A burnishing tool doesn’t really “cut” the metal per se but produces a smooth and shiny finish.

    Better yet, check out the video below for the full effect!

  • The Most Amazing Image of the Graff Diamond

    We can’t stare longingly and lovingly enough at the recent images of the Graff Diamond in a recent Forbes article. And can you blame us? Not only is it massive but stunningly brilliant. But this recent Graff picture just blows our socks off!

    This is a diamond that is not only large but has achieved the highest grades in all attributes that matter.The D color grade means it is colorless, the top of the color scale for colorless or white diamonds.It is flawless, the top of the clarity scale.The diamond has a classification of Type IIa, meaning it is almost or entirely devoid of impurities and has the highest thermal conductivity. They make up between 1 and 2 percent of all natural diamonds.

    The Graff Venus Diamond

    A heart shape diamond must be perfectly faceted and entirely symmetrical to ensure a perfect silhouette and exquisite scintillation, Graff Diamonds said. “The exceptional size of the heart required the development of special tools and new technologies. The process was incredibly risky and tense.”

  • Beyond Bling – When Jewelry and Art Meet

    A ring that Bernhard Schobinger made in 2010 by impaling a chunk of smoky quartz on a countersink nail.


    We would love to check out the latest installation currently running at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (but it’s a long drive from Scottsdale). It’s called “Beyond Bling” and presents jewelry worthy of the status of art, not mere adornment. This includes a ring that Bernhard Schobinger made in 2010 by impaling a chunk of smoky quartz on a countersink nail [pictured above].

    Beyond Bling showcases an extraordinary assemblage of contemporary studio jewelry from the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The exhibition, which features a selection of 50 works from the gift of over 300 pieces from collector Lois Boardman, explores the use of nontraditional materials and techniques, the ways jewelry can communicate personal or political messages, and the medium’s potential to shock and delight. The collection is the first of its kind to enter a museum on the West Coast.”






  • S.B. Heart Shape Pink Sapphire Halo Ring

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