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  • Dip in Jewelry Sales this Holiday

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    Jewelry is a fluctuating market but during the holidays, it tends to stabilize. Why? Because jewelry is the go-to gift. But this year highlights a trend in cheaper jewelry, meaning customers are moving away from higher end items and looking toward more affordable pieces:

    According to CNBC:

    While many on Wall Street view those types of challenges as transitory, some have expressed concern that the critical millennial shopper does not have an interest in fine jewelry. Instead of investing in a classic piece they can wear every day, some argue, they prefer to scoop up a larger quantity of costume pieces. That way, they can easily — and cost-effectively — update their wardrobes.

    Diamond alternatives are on the rise, as eco-conscious shoppers discover their cost-savings and quality. We provide an extensive of affordable diamond alternatives, including moissanite for any of your custom made jewelry needs.



  • Studs for the Holidays

    We’re just crazy about stud earrings at our studio. The reason is simple: it makes the perfect holiday gift.

    Why studs always make the perfect holiday gift:

    ▪  Studs are flattering to face shape.
    ▪  Studs are comfortable and easy to wear.
    ▪  Studs are classic. They never go out of style.
    ▪  Studs are personal. A lot of love from a dazzling little package.
    ▪  Studs are versatile. They go from casual to formal with ease.

    So if you’re still undecided, trust us on this one: studs are the gift of choice. Get your order in soon and we can get it to your loved on in the nick of time! And boy, won’t see be pleased!

  • The Ghosts of Christmas Past – Vintage Holiday Jewelry

    There’s a good chance you have vintage holiday ornaments for your Christmas tree. But being in our industry, we like to hearken back to decorations of the wearable variety. Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane and check out jewelry from holidays of yore, shall we? Put on your coat and mittens.


    Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry Christmas Tree:

    Vintage rhinestone jewelry Christmas tree


    Vintage Christmas Tree Beaded Cameo Brooch:

    Vintage Christmas Tree Beaded Cameo Brooch


    Vintage Christmas Enamel Poinsetta Brooch - This is a holiday pin with green and red dangling beads. It measures 2 inches x 1.63 inches. Z

    Vintage Christmas Enamel Poinsetta Brooch Holiday Pin


    Vintage Jewelry Snowman:

    Vintage jewelry snowman


    Vintage Christmas Tree Brooch Rhinestone and by jwvintagejewelry

    Vintage Christmas Tree Brooch Rhinestone and Beads


    Christmas Sled Vintage Brooch

  • M.T. Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

  • Triple the Beauty with a Triple Band Engagement Ring

    Why choose a triple band engagement ring?

    It’s unique. The ring below has three slim bands joined together as one, offering a bigger backdrop for the “star of the show” – the gem

    It’s comfortable. A triple band provides weight distribution on the finger for a comfortable, even fit.

    It’s symbolic. Three carries a lot of weight in the love department. It represents the past, present and future. When a couple engages, they are bringing with them elements of the past, combining them in the present and looking toward a future together.

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