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  • You guys have always been first class in everything you’ve done for me and I really appreciate that.

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the hard work in getting the ring put together. It’s absolutely perfect and I know she’s going to love it. Please be sure to pass my thanks on to anyone else who was involved in the process as well. You guys have always been first class in everything you’ve done for me and I really appreciate that. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone I can and look forward to doing more business in the future.
    Thank you again,
  • Advice from the Silver Guy

    I love thrift stores. Its a fun and fairly inexpensive gamble. Will I find a treasure? Will it be a great price? Or will I just “donate” it back to the thrift store in less than a year? 

    Luckily, a little knowledge goes a long way. You have to know what to look for in order to really “score.” And no one knows better about silver scores than this guy. He details the best ways to identify good sterling silver using easy techniques (keep an eye out for platters).


  • How to Increase your Sparkle Quotient

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    As jewelry experts, we’re all about the sparkle. But the real sparkle lies within; jewelry only enhances what our spirits naturally radiate.

    So how can you increase your sparkle quotient?

    Destress. Natural sparkle from the inside happens when we’re feeling relaxed. Stress has the opposite effect; it keeps us locked up and unable to shine from within. When we take time out of every day to manually remove stress from our lives (via meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, etc), our natural state is allowed to naturally move through us and radiate (aka sparkle).

    Express. Stifled emotions (like stress) can jam us up and keep our sparkle under wraps. Take some time out every day to check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Do you need a good cry or laugh? Maybe you need to talk to a friend or to a “higher power.” Keep your feelings flowing and show them the respect they deserve; don’t try to shove them down. That’s a sparkle killer.

    Dress to impress. Why not try an outside in approach to increase your sparkle? Wear clothes/make-up/accessories that impress you, not others. When you feel good on the outside, your inner sparkle naturally comes to the surface to match. No, not superficial; dressing well is just a way of matching your exterior with your interior.

    We all deserve to shine but it does require some personal work and self-care. Let’s regain our naturally big, bright and buoyant spirits.

    Sparkle forth…you deserve it! 

  • Accessories to Make your Look Taller/Slimmer

    Most of us don’t think of accessories when it comes to the “slimming effect.” But accessories are “worn” just like clothing, right? Take a look at this video for some tips on wearing vertical jewelry to “keep the eye going down.”

    Also, some great pointers on jewelry repurposing.


  • A Brief History of Cubic Zirconia

    Cubic Zirconia has a bit of a bad rap. It’s often considered a cheap and obviously fake diamond alternative. But it has an interesting history and deserves props for being one of the many steps to smarter diamond alternatives today.

    So where did cubic zirconia come from? According to

    In 1937, two German mineralogists made an important discovery in Cubic zirconia’s history. The scientists found that melted zirconium oxide contained cube-shaped crystals. While this was a unique characteristic to any mineral, the men didn’t understand it as being anything useful since the same properties also existed in the mineral’s natural state. That redundancy seemed inconsequential to both men, and so they simply ignored their find. As with all scientific discoveries, the honor of naming the object or process is given to the one(s) making the discovery. In this case, neither man even considered naming their find, so cubic zirconia retained its scientific name. The world continued to overlook the mineral and its potential for several more decades.

    It wasn’t until decades later that scientists”rediscovered” this simulated diamond, while searching for a less expensive material to be used with lasers and industrial applications–not for jewelry yet.

    Finally, in 1977, Russian scientists discovered how to grow these crystals using a synthetic process. They named this synthetic crystal “Djevalite.” Under this name, they began to market them as simulated diamonds which took the jewelry world by storm at first.

    CZ possesses two traits that prevent it from having an identical appearance to diamonds: CZ has more sparkles in rainbow colors than diamonds and also has more fire. CZ is more brittle and softer than a diamond. Regardless, it gave consumers the opportunity to wear a lot more bling for their buck.

    Over the years, CZ has underwent some “bad press” because of its earlier cheap and often yellowish or greenish tints but, like other simulated diamonds, these synthetic gems have come a long way and seen substantial improvements in look and quality.

    Synthetic cubic zirconia.

    Synthetic cubic zirconia.

  • What’s the Difference Between Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel?

    The world of metals is vast and confusing. But we’re about to make it a little easier. Prepare yourself for some metal education !

    What’s the Difference Between Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel?


    Well, let’s talk about what stainless steel and sterling silver have in common first: both are alloys (meaning they are metals made up a combination of two other metals).

    Now for the differences:

    Stainless steel is made up of steel and chromium. It contains within it the strength and durability of steel with the luster, easy maintenance and resistance to corrosion of chromium. Stainless steel is used in surgical equipment, cookware, architecture and jewelry, among many other uses.

    Sterling silver is made up of silver and another metal, most commonly copper, though potentially zinc or platinum. Silver by itself is too soft for most functional purposes, hence why its alloyed with another metal. This means it has the strength and functionality of the alloyed metal with the beautiful and lustrous appearance of silver.

    Sterling silver is used to produce cutlery, jewelry, musical instruments (some manufacturers prefer to use sterling silver over brass).

    Differences between sterling silver and stainless steel also include:


    Stainless Steel:


    More scratch resistant than silver

    Doesn’t tarnish

    Less lustrous


    Sterling silver:


    Less scratch resistant than steel


    More lustrous

    Lighter in weight

    One of the main benefits of sterling silver is its appearance; it looks brighter and shinier. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is more durable and can last longer; it doesn’t tarnish but its also not as shiny.


    Sterling Silver Tip: If you see a marking on that reads “.925,” this signifies the minimum fineness required for an object to be considered sterling silver.

    A pure silver business card.

    A pure silver business card.

  • Why is my Jewelry Making me Itch?

    It’s a special occasion and you’re dressed to kill! Every hair is in place, your outfit is to die for and…you keep itching your neck all evening long.

    Why? Your necklace (while it looks fabulous) is a piece of costume jewelry and not hypo-allergenic. Let the hives begin! 

    If your earrings, necklace or other piece of jewelry causes an itch or a rash on your skin, chances are you may be allergic to nickel.

    It’s considered one of the most common skin allergies, mainly because nickel is used in so many items, including jewelry, cell phones, zippers, eyeglass frames, belt buckles and keys.

    If you have a nickel allergy, you’ll notice symptoms 12 to 48 hours after you come into contact with it (though some notice symptoms earlier). Generally, the rash is specific to the area where the jewelry made contact but it can spread (sweat can worsen it, for example).

    What can be done about a nickel allergy? 


    Take steps to avoid nickel contact. If you want piercings or tattoos, have it done with sterile, surgical-grade, stainless steel instruments. Take care to avoid piercing guns (since they can contain nickel and cause bacterial infections).

    When you purchase jewelry, make sure its made of surgical grade stainless steel or either 24-karat yellow gold. Beware of white gold (which may contain nickel).

    Other nickel-free metals? Pure sterling silver, copper, titanium and platinum. If you simply must wear earrings that have nickel in them, add plastic covers.




    Nickel chunk.

  • What Colors Go Best with Yellow Gold?

    I could say “any color goes with yellow gold” but that would mean a very short article. So let’s get a little more specific, shall we?

    Yellow gold pairs well with numerous colors and skin tones. More specifically, when pairing colors with yellow gold, the following are complimentary (meaning they look great with one another):

    • Green
    • Light Purple
    • Deep Purple
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Hot Pink
    • Pale Pink
    • Light Blue
    • Navy Blue
    • Royal Blue
    • Brown


    Colors that don’t go with yellow? Silver. (But don’t let that stop you from mixing metals, like silver and yellow gold. Some colors “clash” in an eye-catching and interesting manner. Innovative, risk-taking fashion often means breaking the rules and taking some chances.)

    Figure it this way: if you were decorating a room in your home with yellow, what color would you choose? Or how about nature? What colors naturally appeal to you when you’re outdoors? Consider your fashion choices in the same way.)

    Nature always gets it right. You can too!

    Nature always gets it right. You can too!

  • Could your Old Jewelry Be Worth More than You Think?

    If you’re anything like me, you don’t like getting rid of jewelry, even if its broken or you haven’t worn it in a while. Why? Sentimental value, for one. My grandmother gave me this necklace (with a broken clasp) or my first boyfriend gave me his high school ring (okay, I did ditch that).

    But is there a chance that there are pieces in our jewelry boxes that may be worth more than we think? Perhaps there are some pieces made of expensive metals, for instance. There are some quick and easy ways to find out.

    The Magnet Test. Cheap or phony pieces of jewelry will cling on to a magnet while authentic pieces will not. Simple enough, right?

    The Acid Test. This is easy enough with the right materials. It will test gold 14k or up. Here’s how it’s done:

    Think outside the (jewelry) box. Expensive metals can often be in our kitchen or dining room, not just in our jewelry box–namely sterling silver flatware which can be passed down for generations and worth more than you think.

    Remember: one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. There might be pieces you own that aren’t made of the finest metals or gems but are vintage or made by a particular highly coveted designer a long time ago. eBay is a great way to find out what vintage jewelry is hot and what’s not.

  • Why are Solitaires so Classic?

    According to the president of WP Diamonds, Andrew Brown, the most popular engagement ring style in the last 100 years is clearly a “round solitaire diamond, around one carat, set on a simple yellow-gold band.”

    This is no surprise to the custom designers in our studio, since we’ve created hundreds of similar solitaires over the years. They’re a classic design afterall, even though some say solitaires are not as popular as they used to be. 

    According to Bloomberg, this group of buyers are looking for less expensive, more unusual rings, leading to a big rise in the popularity of coloured diamonds, as well as vintage rings.

    This may be true, but solitaires (we predict) will continue to possess classic appeal for many years to come. Here’s a recent custom designed solitaire everyone that’s caused everyone in our studio to ooh and aw.



    How to get your dream solitaire:

    It’s simple. Share your ideas, images or Pinterest boards with us. Or have a one-on-one custom design consultation with a member of our team. We’ll combine your favorite elements to create a completely unique ring just for you.

    Choose your gemstone:


    Mined diamonds


    Other lab grown diamonds (Pure Grown, Brilliant Earth)

    Custom cut gemstones (sapphires, rubies, etc.)

    Choose your metal:


    14kt or 18kt gold

    Mocha gold


    Rose, white or yellow gold


    Share your ideas via:


    Pinterest boards

    Collected images

    Written or drawn ideas

    Be involved in the process:


    Review your personal project page for updates.

    Provide feedback throughout the entire process.

    Share updates with friends and family.

    Review a 3D print of your piece to ensure complete satisfaction before it’s made.

    See a professional video of your piece after it’s complete.

    Have fun…custom design is a genuinely creative process!

    Unsure of what you want?


    That’s okay too. Our seasoned team of custom designers is waiting to talk to you. We’ll ask you just the right questions to get you started with the magical process of custom design jewelry.

    Contact us to make your custom design dreams come true!

    Call (888) 724-8222 or reach us at We generally respond within 24 hours (and never share your email address).

    More contact info here:




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