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  • Can smart jewelry ever be beautiful jewelry?

    We’ve covered smart jewelry for years here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers. And while we’re amazed by their ever-increasing life-tracking abilities, we’re not often as impressed by their aesthetic appeal. Often bulky or just plain awkward looking, smart jewelry can be the nerd of fashion.

    But this comprehensive and well-written article by Ars Technica details the progress smart jewelry has made, not only in relation to its technological capabilities but (for us, as importantly) its appearance. Finally, these pieces are getting smaller, more subtle and (yes, its true!) well designed.

    Below, an example:

    Bellabeat's Leaf activity tracker will likely appeal to nature-lovers at first glance. The device's design mimics a minimalist plant with a metal leaf-shaped case surrounding the activity tracking module.

    Bellabeat’s Leaf activity tracker will likely appeal to nature-lovers at first glance. The device’s design mimics a minimalist plant with a metal leaf-shaped case surrounding the activity tracking module.


  • Jane Fonda Wears a $1.75 Million Necklace Backwards at Emmys

    Award ceremonies are full of surprises. And for a rather non-surprising reason, if you think about it. Actors are creative types and like to flaunt non-traditional or trend-bending looks. It helps them stand out among a sea of other look-at-me’s on the red carpet.

    Stand-out stars at this year’s Emmys included Jane Fonda (who is almost 80!) wearing an amazing necklace…backward!

    According to InStyle:

    And that necklace—she had to turn around for viewers to get the full effect because she wore it backwards. That’s right, the jewels—70+ carats of diamonds and 82 carats of emeralds—draped down her back right where the dress opened. According to Gismondi 1754 [the designer], the piece was indeed originally designed to be worn in the front, but “minor adjustments enabled the piece to cascade down the back as envisioned by stylist Tanya Gill.”

    The takeaway: take some chances with your jewelry! Because aren’t we all stars on the red carpet of life anyway?

  • Jewelers for Hurricane Harvey Relief

    As our nation reels from one of the worst natural disasters in our history (Hurricane Harvey) and braces for the Hurricane Irma, we’re taking a moment to share what jewelers around our wounded country are doing to help.

    According to JCK:

    Jewelers of America, the Diamond Council of America, and National Jeweler

    The trio of jewelry organizations has created a GoFundMe page to collect donations for independent jewelers within the Houston area that are hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey. “We are asking the jewelry community to band together and help fellow jewelers in their recovery efforts,” reads the page. “All funds raised will be dispersed equally and directly to independent jewelry stores, regardless of affiliation.”

    Texas map charm by Rembrandt Charms

    Texas map charm by Rembrandt Charms

    Read about more charitable efforts from jewelers here. 

  • Wearable technology – new methods to keep women safe

    Jewelry has been used as a form of protection since time began. But boy, has it evolved! There are now simple, powerful and wearable devises that can be clipped on women’s clothing or worn as a necklace that can notify someone instantly if you’re in harm’s way.

    The Athena Device (from Roar’s collection) is about the size of a half dollar. It’s made of a flexible, durable elastomer material with a lightweight aluminum backing.

    Everyday, women face the possibility of harassment, assault and violence. A simple piece of safety jewelry could make all the difference in the world. A shout-out to Roar for ingenuity!


  • The Largest Gold Jewelry Market is…?



    As the United States wavers economically in several key markets around the world, its interesting to note the flux of the gold jewelry market globally.

    According to The Motley Fool:

    The World Gold Council reported world jewelry demand was up slightly in Q1 2017, driven largely by India, where gold jewelry demand increased 16% year over year to 92.3 metric tons.

    Nonetheless, it’s China that remains the largest market. In the first quarter of 2017, China’s gold jewelry demand was 176.5 metric tons, while global demand for the same period was 480.9 metric tons.

    How does the United States rank? Despite the U.S. reporting its strongest first quarter since 2010, its demand — 22.9 metric tons — pales in comparison.

    Historically, gold is a symbol of luxury and wealth in China, even though for years, ownership of the precious metal was illegal. Since 2004, the ban (since the 1950’s) was lifted and since, gold purchases have experienced a sharp and dramatic resurgence.

    The future is uncertain but one thing is for sure: gold has maintained a high degree of popularity for thousands of years and shows no sign of holding its powerful reign.

  • The White of Wimbledon (with only a touch of Jewelry)

    Smack dab in the center of the most exciting tennis match in the world, let’s take a moment to look at the dress code of the Wimbledon players…because it’s strict. And no wonder why: the dress code dates back to the 1800s.

    So why all white? For practical reasons. The sight of sweat spots on colored clothing appeared unseemly back in the day, so “tennis whites” became the way to go.

    And by white, we’re talking white. The All-England Club takes this rule very seriously:

    • “White does not include off-white or cream.”

    • “There can only be “a single trim of color no wider than one centimeter.”

    • “Any [colored] undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration)” are not allowed.”

    Many players have claimed that this rule is too strict. And many have tried to bend and/or break the rules. But most happily adhere in order to be part of such a privileged event.

    As far as jewelry? While we can’t find any rules dictating the wearing of jewelry, from what we see, a few female players don a simple pendant necklace (which also looks great against a fashionable all white backdrop!).

    Petra Kvitová

    Petra Kvitová

  • How Nicole Kidman (and you) can protect your jewelry

    We are big advocates on choosing jewelry that is just right for you. This includes factoring in your lifestyle as part of your jewelry decision making. Activities (in this case, clapping hands) can affect the overall wear and tear of your jewelry.

    It’s important to do a thorough inventory of your daily activities and choose your piece of jewelry accordingly. If you live a more high impact lifestyle, pick a piece that reflects the strength you need. OR choose your dream jewelry regardless of your lifestyle, and like Nicole, wear for special occasions or with caution…even if it means clapping a little funny.



  • The Largest (and Most Expensive) Diamond Drop Earrings of 2016

    We love drop earrings and offer beautiful ones of our own. Our custom design drop earrings are often distantly inspired by pieces that simply take our breath away, like the Miroir de l’Amour (Mirror of Love), a pair of pear-shaped D color, flawless type IIa diamond earrings.

    Created by Boehmer et Bassenge, these gorgeous earrings sold for nearly $17.7 million at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale in November, making them the world’s largest perfect pear-shaped diamond drops ever to be offered at auction.

    Remember: we can recreate drop earrings that give you that auction-quality feel for a fraction of the price (because let’s face it, who has 17 mill just hanging around, right?)

    Source: Forbes


  • Jewelry Auction Recap 2016

    Throughout 2016, we shared a copious amount of juicy auction information in our blog: celebrity jewelry, fancy colored and rare gems and of course, the exorbitant price-tags and bidding wars that leave us all a little breathless.

    Yet auctions have their ups and downs like any other business and 2016 was no different. Records were set (pink and blue diamonds continued to pull in the highest bids) while other gems failed to generate the expected interest (like Shirley Temple Blue, a 9.54-carat fancy deep blue, owned by the child actress with an estimate of $25 – $35 million).

    But blue gems still pulled their weight (sorry Shirley), namely The Oppenheimer Blue which pulled in top dollar for 2016. Looking at it, we can only sigh and see why.

    The Oppenheimer Blue

    The Oppenheimer Blue, a 14.62-carat fancy vivid blue rectangular-cat diamond snatched a world record for any jewel sold at auction (more than $58 million!) at Christie’s in May.


    Source: Forbes


  • Jewelry and the Millennial Movement

    When you think of a millennial, you probably don’t think in terms of diamond buyers. Their lives are too transient, too tech-based…right? Well perhaps its for those reasons that diamond sales tend to be on the slow and steady climb with this demographic.

    According to Bloomberg:

    So-called millennials now account for 68 percent of diamond jewelry sales by value in the world’s most-populous country — worth $6.76 billion last year, according to research by De Beers SA, the world’s biggest diamond producer.

    Millennial women — defined by De Beers as those aged from 18 to 34 — spent about $26 billion on diamond jewelry in 2015 in the world’s four main markets, acquiring more than any other generation.

    But here’s the catch: this isn’t about ever-lasting love but status and practicality:

    For Chinese millennials, diamonds are more of a fashionable mark of achievement instead of a symbol of everlasting love, said Joan Xu, Shanghai-based associate planning director at J. Walter Thompson, an advertising agency.

    According to one unmarried grad student:

    “We don’t have to passively wait to be gifted a diamond by a man,” the unmarried college graduate said. “Diamond jewelry is a natural way to express ourselves. It’s a far better investment than most fashion items as it won’t only gain value, but can also be passed down through the generations.”

    Image result for millennials


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