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Jane Fonda Wears a $1.75 Million Necklace Backwards at Emmys

Award ceremonies are full of surprises. And for a rather non-surprising reason, if you think about it. Actors are creative types and like to flaunt non-traditional or trend-bending looks. It helps them stand out among a sea of other look-at-me’s on the red carpet.

Stand-out stars at this year’s Emmys included Jane Fonda (who is almost 80!) wearing an amazing necklace…backward!

According to InStyle:

And that necklace—she had to turn around for viewers to get the full effect because she wore it backwards. That’s right, the jewels—70+ carats of diamonds and 82 carats of emeralds—draped down her back right where the dress opened. According to Gismondi 1754 [the designer], the piece was indeed originally designed to be worn in the front, but “minor adjustments enabled the piece to cascade down the back as envisioned by stylist Tanya Gill.”

The takeaway: take some chances with your jewelry! Because aren’t we all stars on the red carpet of life anyway?