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What exactly is an inclusion…and is it always a bad thing?

Inclusions. It’s generally a word you don’t want to hear when it comes to choosing a diamond. Inclusions are the blemishes, flaws and beauty marks in a diamond (or other gem).

Most think inclusions should be avoided at all costs. But unless you have all the money in the world to spend on a flawless diamond, inclusions are often just part of the picture when buying a diamond.

And that’s not a bad thing. 

Yes, the type of inclusion is one of the factors used when determining a diamond’s clarify grade but most don’t realize that these characteristics (conversely) make a gem distinctive and special (think snowflake).

The use of the diamond you choose also makes a difference. Whereas some might never consider a diamond with inclusions for their engagement ring, they might be fine considering that same gem used for earrings or a pendant.

Get to know your inclusions. (There are many different types.) If you can find a diamond that fits your needs and your budget, an inclusion or two may not only be a good thing but a special thing.


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