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Wedding Bands

  • Wedding Band Idea For Style 10365

  • Additional Views of Style 10285

  • 1/2pt diamonds or 1pt diamonds – what’s your preference?

    We’re working on a new design and trying to decide between using 1/2pt diamonds or 1pt diamonds on the shank. While both are very petite, the 1/2pt stones are so delicate and gorgeous! This picture shows two different bands using 1/2 and 1pt diamonds.

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  • Photos and Images for Style 10533 – Petite Pave Collection

    From the Petite Pave Collection

  • Two Wedding Rings – A New Trend?

    We’ve recently seen several of our customer requesting not one, but two wedding rings – one for each side of the engagement ring. I recall many years ago hearing about this trend in Australia and New Zealand. Has it finally caught on here?

    Here is an example from one of our customers. They purchased a ring very similar to our style 9617 and added an anniversary style band on each side.

  • Alternative Metals Jewelry Catalog

    Here’s a great line of alternative metal jewelry that is available to you. There is a great selection of titanium, tungsten carbide, ceramic and stainless steel wedding rings, necklaces, watches, money clips, etc. Click on the picture to view the PDF version of the catalog. It’s kind of a big file, so be patient.

    Also, the retail prices are MSRP, you’ll get a substantial discount from these. Call for details or send us your questions here.

  • 18kt yellow gold

    Whenever we make a ring in 18kt yellow gold I’m reminded how beautiful the metal is. It has a very royal look to it, a color so rich that you can nearly taste it!

    Remember, you can have any ring on our site, custom made or otherwise, done in 18kt yellow gold!

    Our style #1052 with matching wedding ring

  • Francesca’s New/Old 50th Anniversary Custom Wedding Ring

    Our long time friend Francesca came to us to make a custom 18kt yellow gold wedding band for her and her husband Leo’s 50th wedding anniversary. She wanted an old world feel, something that looks used and worn, something heavy that feels nice to the touch and smooth to wear. Fran liked the way a pair of her earrings looked and thought they could be the inspiration for the piece that would signify their special day.

    The wedding band in the image with the earrings was the original wedding ring that Fran’s father gave to her mother. This piece, of course, is extremely sentimental to Fran and her family. We can only hope that the ring we made for Fran will someday have a similar meaning to her family.

    Have you thought of a family heirloom that you would like to create? If so, we would be honored to help you with this!

  • Brides and Grooms Building Rings Together

    Nowadays, engagement rings and wedding bands are an investment for couples. Some don’t feel comfortable just leaving it up to chance or the groom’s ability to choose the right piece of  jewelry (nothing personal guys – but you don’t always know best!)

    Today’s bride is taking part in the process of choosing or often creating her own engagement ring or wedding band. It takes the guesswork out and opens the door for countless possibilities.

    The couple can decide on the materials use in the ring’s creation, whether it’s naturally-mined diamonds or diamond alternatives such as moissanite or cubic zirconia. Metals such as platinum or silver or gold are decided upon mutually as well.

    Some may think that building an engagement ring takes the mystery or fun out. Others really like working together to come up with an engagement ring that reflects both parties’ personalities.

    If you’re unsure how to custom design or semi-custom design your own engagement ring, contact us. It’s our speciality and we’d be happy to walk you through the process.

    Style 8714M

    Hand Made Cushion Cut Ring With Pave’ Diamonds

    Custom made fashion ring featuring a cushion cut center stone and 1/3ct t.w. pave’ side diamonds with a bezel set diamond on each end. This piece is hand made and has hand applied filigree engraving and scroll work on two sides, approximately 5mm wide at the top. Also made to accommodate round, cushion & princess center stones starting at 2.0ct and shown with a 2 1/2ct.