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Jewelry New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

Diet and exercise steal all the limelight when it comes to New Year’s resolutions…but what about jewelry? Can anyone have a fashion resolution? Of course!

But if can’t think of any self-improvement mantras for the upcoming year, perhaps we can help you:

I promise to buy myself little sparkly thing simply because I want it and deserve it and leave me alone!

I will do my best to wear statement jewelry to events that don’t quite warrant it because who cares, life is short?

I will wear radically mismatched earrings as a message to the world that I’m wildly unpredictable and distinctively creative.

I pledge to clean my jewelry more frequently so it shines and sparkles as if it were brand new…or I’ll just buy brand new jewelry.

I will continue to mix and match metals, showing complete disregard for my mother’s “rules” of fashion.

I vow to wear more jewelry in general, sparkling more with each and every year.

If I get engaged, I will partake in the custom design process with my husband to be. (I don’t need to be surprised; I’d rather be happy with my ring, thank you.)

I will own several pairs of hoop earrings instead of just one because one pair simply isn’t enough, dahling.

I will stay on top of jewelry trends only to break from them if they don’t suit me.

I vow to have hooks on necklaces that do not drive me crazy when I put them on.

I will give up those clip earrings that I bought at an antique store and thought would be fun but man, they just hurt.

I promise to let the sparkle from my jewelry spill over into my soul.

Feel free to borrow some of these jewelry resolutions for 2019. Or create your own and leave them in the comment section below.