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The Least Popular Month to Get Engaged


As we move through December and towards Christmas, one of the most popular months and holidays for proposals, a customer of ours asked what is the most and least popular months to get married.

Hmm…well the first part of her question was easy. We know summer months are the most popular months to get married: June and August specifically. (I guess July is just too dang hot for many. Plus lots of people go on holiday during this time.)

But the least popular month to get married? It got us scratching our heads a little so we turned to the all-knowing Professor Google for more information.

Ready for it?

January is the least popular month to get married.

But January can be a beautiful month! And the start of a new year (what better time to start a new life?).

Okay, the obvious reason is weather, right? At least for many. Who wants to risk a major snowstorm on the day of their wedding? Or a bride slipping on ice in front of a limo? Plus cold weather makes it harder to wear your dream gown. (That strappy wedding gown is much better suited for summer afterall.)

But maybe there’s another reason January doesn’t really work wedding-wise. It’s  a get down to business month. Many are starting diets, work-out plans and new budgets. Doesn’t really evoke big feelings of romance, does it?

We say make the most of your wedding month, whether its popular or not. A winter wedding possesses beauty and romance in its own right.