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The Spirit of Giving this Christmas


Giving. We hear a ton about it each holiday. And we think we have it covered, right? “I’m a giving person” you say. And undoubtedly, you are. But giving is a constantly evolving process. Its not a fixed amount of generosity but something that expands and grows as you expand and grow.

What does that mean? It means giving can (and should) be a little uncomfortable. You can and should be giving outside of your limits. That doesn’t have to mean financially per se, but personally.

A small story as an example: a friend of mine adored a pair of earrings of mine. Every time I wore them, she swooned and touched them and sighed.

My aunt had given them to me so they had meant a lot to me, especially since she had passed several years before. You can guess where this story is going: I gave that pair of earrings to my friend for Christmas. She wears them religiously. On some levels, I feel that’s where they belong: with her. (My aunt would have appreciated this act as well, I’m sure.)

Was it easy? No. Sometimes I still want those earrings back! That’s when giving is uncomfortable: when you don’t really want to do it but you do it anyway.

So remember that this holiday: give past your comfort zone. Do something you really don’t want to do for others. Because ultimately giving is not about you, it’s about them.