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The Spiritual Significance of Lab Grown Diamonds

One reason people enjoy wearing gems (other than sheer beauty, of course) is that each one has a significant meaning and spiritual significance. One may serve to protect you from harm while the other might heal a broken heart.

But what about moissanite and lab grown diamonds? Can a gem grown in a lab really have any meaning if its not from nature?

The surprising answer: yes.

According to one gem-related website:

Natural moissanite is a tremendous rumination stone, provides composure within and strengthens the acquaintance with your inner adolescent. It is an immense crystal that supply buff radiance in all areas of life. It unites all the chakras and sanitizes brainpower, cadaver and spirit. It persuades suspicion and abolishes annoyance and any computer related grievance. It has a prospective of flickering vividness, blaze and gleam.

Remember: a gem or metal can be imbued with any powers you decide. Spend some time with your gem and quietly feel its subtle effects on your spiritual body. Then wear your lab grown diamond both powerfully and beautifully!