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Love wins


My friend is suffering from a broken heart. She was deceived by a lover she trusted with her innermost feelings and thoughts. She thought they had a future. She found out that he did not. They parted ways but even months later, the heart wound is raw and sore.

Out of consoling words, I told her that love wins in the end. What does that mean, she asked? Her feelings for this man were real. And his feelings were as well. While the two of them had to go separate ways, the love they experienced still lives on. Maybe not in the traditional sense but on a spiritual plane.

When we love someone, we create a birth of sorts. Love is born. And while the “parents” may go their separate ways, the child of love grows. It is not a failure but a win: a win for feelings, for emotional risk, for the cosmos that we live in, made a better place because love was allowed to be in the first place.

Did this help her? Not really. But it will eventually. Because just as love wins, time heals.