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The most popular length for a necklace chain

When you have a beautiful pendant custom designed, you want a sturdy, dependable and attractive/complimentary chain to go with it.

Some people don’t give much mind to the chain they choose but we kindly suggest spending time with this critical decision. Not only does it secure your custommade pendant but it also enhances its beauty ideally.

As for length 18″ is a smart choice. It’s not too short (like a 16″ choker length, which can be a little snug for some). It’s the perfect length to be visible as well (whereas longer chains can fall too low).

Wheat chains and box chains are the perfect kind of chains for pendants. They’re super durable and can hold the weight of the item hanging.

If you’re trying to avoid the dreaded “kinkage” of some chains, don’t get herring bone chains which are more prone to locking awkwardly. Another chain prone to kinks? The snake chain.

Need some input on the perfect chain for your pendant or chain? Simply contact us. We can get you hanging right!