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Understanding the padparadscha sapphire in all its orangey pink beauty

What the heck is padparadscha? Is it contagious? Does it bite? Can you get rid of it by using an over-the-counter cream?

While the word sounds exotic (pronounced pad-pah-raj-ah), it is a colored gem that fits in the sapphire family. It’s also one of the rarest colored gems on the planet. Why so rare? No other gem possesses its unique and magical blend of pink and orange.

More on the coloring: a “pad” has a range of hues: from a delicate light to a mid-toned pink orange to an almost salmon shade. While sapphires of deeper, more saturated hues are highly regarded, padparadschas most revered hue is in the mid-saturation range.

Chatham lab grown padparadschas often display a violet and yellow pleochroic colors, which expands its beauty and depth. Take a look at the video below to see the beautiful hues it casts.