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What is a diamond in the rough…and are you one?

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the expression “a diamond in the rough” but do you know what it truly means?

From a gemological standpoint, a diamond found in nature isn’t particular dazzling. As a matter of fact, it looks like an opaque rock more or less. But after a cutting and polishing process, it becomes something extraordinary.

How does it apply to we humanoids? Well, just like diamonds, someone might appear quite ordinary at first glance. Nothing quite stands out about them. But either over time or with closer examination, something more powerful and beautiful arises.

How are you a diamond in the rough? What qualities of yours remain hidden to the world? Conversely, do you often overlook the hidden qualities of others, not seeing their beauty and power because of preconceived ideas and limited views?

Today, remember that we’re all diamonds the rough to some extent. Dare to shine in spite of personal limitations and insecurities…and dare to see the beauty in others as well!