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How to dress your best for your “audience”


We all know dressing well sends a powerful message to the world. It’s our shell, our exterior–the first aspect of our personality that everyone sees, before they get to know us on a deeper level. From the clothing you put on to the jewelry you wear, every element sends micro-messages to those around you.

Did you know you can also dress with a particular goal in mind? That’s right. When you think carefully about who you’d like to influence, you can craft an outfit accordingly. How? By reflecting on what your “audience” deems important.

[Note: your “audience” can be anyone, from a potential employer to the man/woman of your dreams.]

Ask yourself these simple questions: who are you talking to and what would make them trust you? Really put yourself in their shoes for a moment then dress accordingly.

Of course, you don’t always want to dress with the “other” in mind but its something to consider when you really want to send a powerful message for certain occasions. T

The beauty of this philosophy? Expense isn’t a factor. Often a simple outfit with understated jewelry can come across as powerfully as anything you’d buy at a spendy boutique.