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Is Heart Jewelry Too Corny?

Let’s start with an emphatic NO. Hearts are an ancient symbol of love that have been used in the form of jewelry and other art forms for a long, long time. We’ve made countless pieces of heart-shaped jewelry and we can assure you, the happy, romantic wearers don’t mind “going there.”

With that said, heart jewelry doesn’t suit all tastes. How do you know if you or your partner is the heart wearing type?

You’re a romantic at heart.

You cry at sad movies.

You like the color pink.

You love the act of cuddling.

You believe that love will always prevail.

You wear your heart on your sleeve.

Wearing heart jewelry means you’re not afraid to show your emotions and your basic love of love. You embrace all that is romance and don’t mind basking in the beauty of it.

Giving hearts to a loved one means you’re proud of your feelings for that lucky recipient. You are giving a wearable reminder that the wearer is loved.

The final verdict? Go there! Be a heart-wearing fool!