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The Number One Tip for Buying Valentine’s Day Jewelry

We’ve been in the jewelry business for over 100 years and we’ve seen a lot of Valentine’s Days go by. But one piece of advice remains constant (though not everybody listens). Ready?

Know your Loved One’s Taste! 

Many men quickly purchase jewelry they think their partner want without really knowing. Why? Because they often don’t observe their loved one’s taste thoroughly enough before buying.

Picking out jewelry is like picking out shoes for someone: it has to fit them exactly or it just won’t work.

So if you’re looking to buy your loved one a piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day, remember these points:

Look at her current jewelry. Nothing gives you an indicator of her tastes better than a peek in her jewelry box. Does she like big, bold jewelry or gentle, romantic pieces? Gold or silver? Dangles or studs? What kind of gems are her faves?

Look at her life. Every woman has her own particular lifestyle and generally, her jewelry choice reflects that. If she’s highly active, chances are she doesn’t like big, ostentatious jewelry that gets in the way of her busy day.

Add your own romantic touch. We’ve seen it countless times; when a man includes an aspect of the jewelry that represents his love for her, the piece is that much more valuable to her. Whether its a personal inscription or a hidden diamond (like the one below), it adds that dash of romance that makes Valentine’s Day extra special.