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What are Hearts and Arrows in a Diamond?

You may have heard the phrase “hearts and arrows” in relation to a diamond but probably didn’t know exactly what is meant by it. That’s all right. We’re here to school you!

When a diamond is viewed from the top (or the crown), an ideally cut diamond should display eight symmetrical arrows. When viewed from the bottom, that same diamond should display eight symmetrical hearts.

An extreme level of cutting precision is required for this type of symmetrical patterning and should showcase superior material quality, light performance and precise optical symmetry. But in the real world, a perfectly cut diamond that conform to these exact deadlines rarely exists. Even the top 0.1% of all round brilliant cuts will exhibit some form of minor variations. (Suggestion: always pay more attention to the patterning of the hearts, since it requires super precise facet placement and proportion.

Regardless of what your jeweler tells you about their diamonds, always verify details yourself.