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The Eternally Classic Wedding Band/Engagement Ring Choice

When customers want an engagement ring/wedding band combo that stands the test of time, this diehard duo does the trick. Why? Because our ballerina engagement ring and a classic diamond eternity band have classic “forever” appeal.

What is a ballerina style engagement ring?

It’s actually a specific kind of cluster ring with a main center stone, surrounded by smaller stones. It’s called a ballerina setting” because the surrounding stones create a tutu-like effect, similar to the costumes worn by ballerinas.

Why does the ballerina engagement ring have classic appeal?

Because its already stood the test of time. This type of setting is seen in some of the older vintage and antique ring designs but yet again, it’s gaining popularity in today’s modern ring designs.

The wedding band itself is circularly studded with gems, adding to the overall sparkle appeal.

If you’re looking for a classic engagement and wedding ring choice, look no further. We’ll create an heirloom to last a lifetime and beyond.