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The Juncture of Jewelry and Architecture

The lines and designs of jewelry extend far beyond what we wear on our bodies. Look at one of your favorite pieces of jewelry. Take a moment to note if you see that design or style elsewhere in your life, like in your home or office. Most likely, you have.

And that’s the beauty of jewelry design: it reflects artistry seen all around us.

Take the teaming of Rem Koolhaas who spearhead the redesign of Gaia Repossi’s flagship store on Place Vendôme in Paris. The jewelry reflects the design itself.

According to W Magazine, Repossi explained, “the new Lateral high end emerald cut diamond earrings that twist along their structure, which is a little like the billboard (the flipping panel window) on the ground floor. I had that idea for a long time, and that took a lot of time to develop.”

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