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Illuminated Gown of Light at the Met Gala

Clare Danes takes home an easy win at last night’s Met Gala, wearing an impossibly gorgeous baby glue gown (designed by Zac Posen) that actually lit up. The theme? Technology as it relates to fashion. We agree–winner all the way!

The 37-year-old donned a custom Cinderella style Zac Posen gown that actually lit up all along the skirt and bust, with the help of a weighty 30 battery packs.

The large number of mini battery packs were intricately sewn into the fibre optic organza dress to make the garment glow in the dark. However, while the actress’ dress was unable to shimmer on the staircase, designer Zac took to Instagram earlier that day to share his creation in all its lit-up glory.

          Source: Daily Mail UK

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The 1 gal who actually followed the theme; technology as it relates to fashion. Claire Danes for the win!