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“Camp” Jewelry and its Place in Fashion

When I read about camp jewelry in the latest Town and Country, I harkened back to my childhood years, when my parents quietly celebrated my summer departure for several weeks each year. But we didn’t wear much jewelry at camp, except for a mood ring or maybe a necklace with my name dangling on it.

After a little more reading, I came to understand camp jewelry to mean jewelry that was a little ostentatious, perfect for the upcoming Met Gala. Not quite tacky but instead fun and bold, meant to make a statement–but not one that is overly serious.

According to Town and Country:

“The idea of ‘Camp’ is to push boundaries,” says Siegelson, who has loaned Met Ball guests select pieces for the evening. “Susan Sontag said it was to ‘dethrone the serious.’ I read that as expecting fashion that is really fun, and nothing is more fun than the right jewelry. We have loaned out an interesting array of pieces, from brightly colored stone-set jewels that are pure accessories to what will likely be an exceptional ensemble to jewelry that is a strong and eye-catching statement on its own.”

For the Met Gala this week, we can expect yellow gold, brightly colored gems  and more campy surprises from guests like Lady Gaga and Lauren Santo Domingo.

We love the idea of jewelry for the sake of theatricality and fun. Campy jewelry doesn’t have to be tacky–its a celebration of all that is bright and bold in jewelry making.

Aishwarya Rai wearing a Michael Cinco gown.

Aishwarya Rai wearing a Michael Cinco gown.