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Lifting SAD Spirits with the Gift of Jewelry

It’s been a long winter. The hoopla of the holidays is behind us and we slowly emerge from the sleepy cocoon of the darkest season.

There’s a reason people often feel blue during this time of year. One cause is scientific: less light means more depression. Research supports that brain chemistry is affected by light. Look at sunny Florida, for instance. Less than 1% of its residents report feeling SAD (seasonal affective disoroder) whereas 10% of Alaskans report serious winter depression. It’s often more common in women. Luckily Spring brings with it longer doses of sun and SAD symptoms tend to lessen.

If you or someone you know seems to be struggling with SAD, you can do the following:

1. Get outside. It’s critical to maximize the sunshine that is available during the longer days so getting outside is critical for those suffering with SAD. Whether its a 2-hour hike or a 15-minute walk, make the time every day to get that body moving and those lungs breathing fresh, clean air. You’ll be amazed how little activity it takes to shake off those mental cobwebs.

2. Call a friend. Depression has a way of closing us up, making it harder and harder to share feelings with others. Break the ice by reaching out to a trusted friend or relative. Share what’s going on with you. If you find that difficult, write it out. Or play a song you love and sing loudly. Sometimes expression alone is enough to lighten the load.

3. Buy a sparkling gift.  Jewelry has powerful properties so whether you gift something special for yourself or simply want to bring some light into someone else’s life, let one of our sparkling pieces add some mid-winter happiness. We specialize in bringing the sunshine indoors. 


main view of Filigree Diamond Pendant

Sunshine on a chain! Hand engraved pendant with hand applied scrolls and a 3/4ct Gemesis cultured diamond with fancy yellow or orange color on an 18″ wheat chain. Pendant measures approx. 8mm in diameter. Call for pricing.