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10 Small Gestures that will Make Someone Feel Amazing

The best way to feel better about yourself often includes doing something positive for others. The beauty of it? It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day and lift their spirits.

Here are 10 small acts that you can do today that will make another feel loved and cared for:

  1. Write a hand-written letter. What? What’s handwriting? In a day of electronic messaging, a letter or card holds a heightened, intimate importance. Keep a batch of pretty blank cards in your desk to send to anyone you want to reach out to. They’ll feel a personal touch that an email just can’t recreate. It’s a little mailbox surprise!
  1. Compliment. It doesn’t take much to find an aspect of someone you like. Dare to share it with them. People love being complimented. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. An added challenge? Compliment someone who stirs up insecurities in you. It reminds you that you’re beyond those petty, ego-based thoughts.
  1. Physical touch. We are human animals and yearn for touch. Yet most of us receive so little of it. The next time someone is sharing a story with you, dare to put your hand on his or her shoulder or hold hands. Remember that touch can often far exceed words.
  1. Help with little tasks. Is the elderly woman across the street struggling with her groceries. Help her. Or what about the car ahead of you, struggling with directions. Back off instead of riding his tail. An overworked waitress? Tell her you’re in no hurry.
  1. Listen better than you normally do. Most of us have a listening mode we switch on when someone is talking. And most of us think we’re doing a good job. But you know as well as I do: we’re often distracted and not listening wholeheartedly. The next time someone is sharing something with you, no matter how small, take a moment to remind yourself that listening is art…and it can always be improved.
  1. Dare to flirt a little. Many of us walk around with the weight of the world on our shoulders. It’s hard to make room for some fun. So the next time you see someone struggling, dare to be a little sassy. Touch a face, make a joke, smile invitingly, tussle hair—break down the walls. These types of small, sexy gestures help others loosen up.
  1. Make a special meal. Nothing says love better than food, right? If you’re not the best cook in the world, look up a recipe online. Watch a YouTube video. (It’s not rocket science!) Remember: the way to our hearts is through our stomachs (and not just men!).
  1. Share your true self. People are flattered, consciously or not, when you share your feelings. So dare to open up a little more, even to an acquaintance or colleague. You’ll notice that he or she will tend to the same. That’s how humankind thrives: through kindness and sharing.
  1. Give an anonymous gift. Drop off something small at a friend’s house: a bottle of wine, a shirt you found at a thrift store, a bouquet of wildflowers picked in a field, a bottle of essential oil that lifts the spirits. Giving a gift anonymously possesses its own distinct specialness.
  1. Help any charitable organization. It doesn’t take much. Most people think in terms of giving hours or days to a charity, but what about sharing an important social media post with friends? Or sending $5? Whatever you do, don’t wait for tomorrow. So many need help today and it may not take as much as you think. With the holidays on the horizon, think in terms of giving…and not just a bunch of merchandise to family and friends. Give in a real way.

See? It’s not that hard. These are all relatively easy ways to lift the spirits of others and in doing so, lift your own. Nothing in this world feels as important as helping others. It’s a tried and true method for self-actualization and inner beauty.