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Beyonce’s Showstopping Superbowl Jewels


We’re still buzzing in the studio about Beyonce’s show-stopping half-time Superbowl performance on Sunday…because, well…WOW!

But like any cadre of jewelers, we’re a little less focused on the political message behind her song and considerably more focused on the jewels dripping off Queen Bey. Again, can we hear a WOW?

According to Hollywood Life:

The divine diva rocked 18 karat gold champagne nude diamond football-shaped marquise studs, which weighed in at 31 carats. She stuck to the theme as she piled on a 30 carat cushion-shape chunky bezel ring and a 26-carat champagne nude collection pear-shaped diamond knocker bezel ring. As if those baubles weren’t enough, she also added two champagne nude diamond wrap-around rings on each pinky. If you add it all up, her bling totalled approximately 100 carats of champagne from the nudes collection diamonds.