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I love you to the moon and stars and back, say said.

Perhaps you’ve heard this endearing phrase, expressing a lot of love. But how much love exactly?

According to essayist Lucy Wickham from the Thought Catalog, it’s not as much love as you’d think:

Why the moon? Why not the sun? Why not some planet such as Pluto or Mars? Actually, apparently Pluto got demoted and is now considered a dwarf planet, but that is beside the point…

I guess I just do not understand why it is that specific distance. The moon is, on average, 238,855 miles away. So technically people are saying they love you 477,710 miles (the distance to the moon and back).

You think that’s a lot, but in terms of a car, it’s not really. A car gets an average of 12,000 miles a year. Saying someone loves you 477,710 miles is like saying someone loves you for 40 years. That is not a very strong guarantee.

Well we still think the moon and the stars are stellar examples of romance. If you’re in the same stratosphere as us, send us your favorite moon and star design, and we’ll create a piece uniquely you and yours.


Stuller moon and star pendant | JCK On Your Market

Journey of Dreams pendant in 14k white and yellow gold with diamonds by Stuller, $1,593 [source: JCK]