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When Buying an Engagement Ring, your Budget is your Friend

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Weddings can be one of the most stressful events in our lives. And for good reason: not only are we making a lifetime (we hope) commitment but the cost of a wedding can be exorbitant.

At our studio, we often see two different “camps” of couples: the ones who have a budget and firmly stick to it and the others who take more liberties. And we get it! It’s easy to be tempted by that piece that catches your eye, even if the pricetag is a little more.

And while it’s all right to occasionally exceed your engagement and wedding budget, we have consistently made this observation: those who stick within their budget tend to be more happy and relaxed when they purchase. They know what they can afford and appreciate the discipline of not overspending.

So before considering your purchase, sit down with your spouse-to-be (or a financially savvy friend, if you’re keeping the engagement a surprise) and give the numbers a good, hard look. What can you reasonably afford? What is your hard-and-fast cut-off number? Then begin your search with that number firmly embedded in your mind.

The great asset of working with our store? We understand and honor budgets. We don’t try to push or upsell. As a matter of fact, we’ll often remind you when you’ve gone too far (that’s what friends are for, right?).

Consider your wedding budget like a good friend that will help you keep the financial stress at bay…yet still provides you with eternal beauty and support!