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Mythical Golden Creatures

While this Forbes article discusses the resurgence of gold (did it ever really go away?), we couldn’t help but fawn over the designer highlighted in the piece. Whimsy meets fantasy meets incredible craftsmanship.


Temple St. Clair’s Secret Garden Serpent necklace.

The classic metal [gold] is currently having a moment, and few people know that better than designer Temple St. Clair Carr. One cannot find her haute couture jewelry collection in stores, although her signature rock crystal amulets and collectible cocktail rings can be found at select luxury retailers. She debuted her Mythical Creatures collection of nine statement pieces at the Louvre during Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. As demand for gold increases, designers like Carr—and her namesake company, Temple St. Clair—are introducing bigger and bolder collections to discerning customers who prize the true craftsmanship that comes from master makers. – Forbes


Temple St. Clair’s Great Horned Owl ring. “I have always used gold and gemstones as my materials through which I explore universal themes that interest me—from astronomical theory, to Buddhist thought to symbols of nature,”