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The Wonders of 3-D Printed Jewelry

Photo - At Lewis Jewelers, this 3D printer is used to create original jewelry pieces. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman <strong>CHRIS LANDSBERGER - CHRIS LANDSBERGER</strong>

It’s almost hard to conceive 3-D jewelry. How can you “print out” jewelry? Well many jewelers have figured out a way, including Glenn Lewis.


Though jewelry has been worn throughout human history, Lewis Jewelers is part of a trend taking jewelry high-tech.

Glenn Lewis works with a 3-D printer to create original jewelry pieces. About half the pieces sold at Lewis Jewelers are created in-house, Tim Lewis said.

“If we design it on the computer, we can actually print that model with incredible precision and accuracy,” Lewis said. “We print it, we cast it, we polish it, we set it, we polish it again, and it’s ready for sale.”

The Lewis brothers started their business together at ages 19 and 21. Today, Lewis Jewelers has about 2,000 unique wedding pieces, and it would take 6 ½ days to try on every ring in the store if you spent 90 seconds with each, Lewis said.

Source: NewsOK