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Baby Tooth Jewelry – Too Far or Too Cute?

If you think about it, people have been wearing teeth and bones as adornment for a long, long time–pretty much since civilization began. So is it so strange to wear your child’s baby tooth on a chain? Well, we won’t decide for you but you can take a look at the results!


baby tooth necklace - parenting trend 2014


Jewellery decorated with children’s milk teeth has been doing big business on Etsy recently, as proud parents search for attention-grabbing mementoes – after all lockets containing pictures of your loved ones are so last year!

One seller, Jackie Kaufman of Rock My World Inc, said: “I think they are bought as a unique way to remember your child at a certain age for people that want a unique eye-catching way to do it. They really start a conversation and most people love them or hate them, it is a personal preference.”

Baby tooth jewellery features among the growing trends for 2014 identified by US website BabyCenter from the posts on their message boards.

Source: ParentingDish