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The Top Diamonds of 2013

You may have seen some of these amazing sparklers over the year…but have you seen them in one place? JCK compiled the top 15 diamonds that made headlines of 2013.

1. The Pink Star Sells for $83 Million

In September, Sotheby’s announced it was auctioning off the Pink Star—a 59.6 ct. oval cut pink diamond it called the “most valuable diamond ever offered at auction.” The auction house estimated the diamond would sell for more than $60 million. It sold for $83 million.


2. 257 Carat Diamond Found in Botswana

This 257 ct. rough cut diamond found by Lucara Diamond Corp. at its Karowe Mine in Botswana isn’t as big as a diamond planet, but it’s pretty close.


3. Orange You Glad You Bought Me at Auction for $35 Million?

Forget Orange Is the New Black, orange diamonds bring in the most green. The Orange, the largest fancy vivid orange diamond ever offered, sold for $35,540,612. The prodigious sale set two new world records: the highest price per carat ($2.4 million) paid for any diamond sold at auction; and the highest-ever price paid for an orange diamond at auction.


4. 12-Year-Old Unearths 5 Carat Brown Diamond at Arkansas Park

This kid didn’t make all of us want to book a trip to Arkansas.


5. 2.95 Carat Diamond Found at Arkansas Park

Terry Staggs of Richmond, Ky., could only find a 2.95 ct. brown diamond at the park.


6. 235 Carat Diamond Found in Russia

In September, Russian diamond miner Alrosa announced that it unearthed a 235.16 ct. diamond. It has been valued between $1.5 million and $2 million.

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