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Our Om Necklace and What it Means

One of our staff members loves this necklace. She feels like its her good luck charm. She also gave us a little information on the meaning of the symbol:

It’s actually “aum.” “Om” is the way it’s pronounced. “Om” can be used as a calming chant. In theory, it is the sound that was made when creation came into existence. It’s not like that sound was made per se; but the sound is supposed to contain all that is magical, undefinable and indescrible about the Universe we live in.

For me, the necklace gives me a sense of inner peace. It reminds me of the quiet center inside of me, which I can often forget about in these trying times.

The “Om” represents the four divine states of Brahman – metta (loving kindness), karuna (compassion), mudita (sympathetic joy), and upekkha (equanimity).