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Jewelry for a Lifelong Friend

Here’s a little story recently sent to us from a client:

I told my friend Corrine after a recent break-up that I had never received any jewelry from my ex-boyfriend after 6 years of being together. Corrine was surprised and sad for me. She loved jewelry and seemed to attract beautiful pieces like a magnet, especially from her husband, who often custom designed pieces especially for her.

Weeks later, I receivedl this beautiful pendant necklace in the mail with a “love” letter from my friend, professing her undying friendship. I was so touched, I cried. I wear it all the time now. Our friendship has weathered many relationships…we should share the same tokens we appreciate from our romantic partners, right? We deserve it.

Key of Love Necklace with Pave Set Stones

main view of Key Necklace, Key Pendant
front view of Key Necklace, Key Pendant
side view of Key Necklace, Key Pendant