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When NOT to Wear your Wedding Ring

(above) A ring’s worst nightmare!

I know a friend who never takes his wedding band off…until he realized he couldn’t take it off! After about an hour’s worth of trying, he finally succeeded.

It got me thinking of the importance of knowing when to remove your wedding ring.

1. Remove it occasionally just to see that you can! Fingers change size due to weight gain, water retention, etc. It’s important to take off your ring and let your finger breathe a little. It might also be a good time to re-evaluate your ring. If it’s too constricting after years of wear, it might be time to resize it (which we can do).

2. Sports. Wearing your wedding band constantly might not be such a smart idea if you love surfing, for instance. Again, fingers can change in size and water can be the perfect slippery conductor for that precious ring of yours to slip right off and into Davy Jone’s Locker.

3. Work. For certain type of jobs (such a blue-collar work) rings can just be dangerous. Find a smart place to store it and always keep it in that place. (Having several places where you keep your ring can lead to “I thought I put it here…but sometimes I put it there.” One spot consistency can save you a lot of stress!)

4. The Dreaded Dishes. You’ve seen it in the movies but it happens in real life too. Slippery, sudsy hands practically beg for that ring to slip off and potentially down a drain. When doing dishes, we advise putting the ring somewhere other than the kitchen entirely, like the top of your dresser. Again, consistency: one spot where you put your ring when you take it off.