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The Best Ring for your Hand Type

You might gaze longingly at an engagement ring in the window only to find that it’s not as picture perfect when you put it on. Just like clothing should be chosen based on your body type, rings should be purchased according to your hand type. Here are a few pointers:

Long fingers — Marquise shapes often just make long fingers look even longer. The marquise is a stretched out oblong shape with pointed ends. Pear or oval stones may also not be very flattering on long fingers. Round rings are often the most flattering ring for this finger type.

Marquise-shaped stone, good for short or wide fingers.

Short fingers — Round stones can seem to shorten short fingers even further. The marquise shape can help add the illusion of length to short fingers. Pear or teardrop shapes are also usually flattering on short fingers. Big rectangular rings are probably the least flattering as they can overwhelm short fingers.

Narrow fingers — Heart-shaped or round stones may not be the most flattering ring for a hand with narrow fingers. Thicker band styles of rings may help add horizontal lines to narrow fingers to help them look wider. Wearing rings with small stones may also help thinner fingers look wider.

Wide fingers — Wider types of marquise styles may flatter short, wide fingers. The idea with wide fingers is not to have two much skin showing on each side of the ring or fingers may look even wider. Round stones in larger settings may look best on this finger type. Cluster-styles may be the most flattering ring on hands with wide fingers.

Large hands — Rings with small stones may just look lost on large hands. Try larger rings that suit your personality. You may even be able to wear really bulky or chunky ring styles well.

Heart shaped stone for narrow fingers