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Cybil Shepherd Set to Marry Psychologist (and Jeweler!)

Reading this over coffee today, I couldn’t help but see how someone with a jewelry background could make the move into the world of psychology. We are our own kind of psychologists. Jewelers don’t just make a product; we create jewelry based on our client’s deepest dreams and wishes surrounding love. You couldn’t ask for a bigger psychological connection than that!

I couldn’t find an image of Cybil’s ring yet but wanted to share this interesting “love found again” story:

CYBILL SHEPHERD will become a therapist’s bride when she’s done playing a politician’s wife. “I’m engaged,” the 62-year-old actress, who is starring in “The Best Man” on Broadway, exclusively told the News’ theater critic Joe Dziemianowicz. “He was a jeweler. Now, he’s a psychologist. He’s Serbian.”

Shepard’s “he” is Andrei Nikolajevic, who still knows his gems, judging by the gorgeous sparkler set in white gold on her left hand. But she said no one has questioned her new jewelry as of yet. “It’s not my job to tell them,” she says. Shepherd, whose ex-husbands include David Ford and Bruce Oppenheim, adds Nikolajevic popped the question a couple weeks ago here in NYC. “It was very romantic and on one knee,” she says of her fiancé, whom she met through friends. “I never thought I’d get married again.”